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I'm here for the intensely authentic + wildly passionate love stories


Hey, you! - it looks like you've finally found your person -
 And Now you'VE found me too!

Love comes in so many different colors, shapes and sizes - and I'm a huge fan of all of them. 
That means regardless of who your other half is, I want to tell your story,
which is why meagan goes click! is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community,
and will also never discriminate based on race, gender, ability, or sexuality.
We're here to celebrate all types of love.


I’m a huge believer of candid moments + unapologetic emotion

Real life is unpredictable and full of surprises, so I'm here to document it 'as-is', and in technicolor. I live for those in-between, caught off-guard moments, because they're usually the ones you'll end up treasuring the most.

(and never apologize for tears - I love tears)




hey, hi, hello!

 I'm your girl, Meagan,
a GIF-obsessed, hardcore thrifting enthusiast, homegrown in good ol' Richmond, VA.
lover of thunderstorms, hoarder of kitschy knick knacks, and a huge fan the word "remarkable" -
I'm so jazzed you've found your way here. 

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living imagery - it's just like magic.

It's that in-between-video-and-photo thing, where a split-second in time is not only captured, but becomes an infinite, almost-tangible moment.

Sometimes memories just live better in motion.


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