(and your love is valid and wonderful)

Whoever your other half happens to be, your story is important and deserves to be told beautifully + genuinely.


Work and play are synonymous with this job.
I get to constantly forge new relationships with kick-ass people, 
all the while being afforded the privilege to capture their memories and moments in a bold and creative way.


I'm here for the intrepid, unabashed lovers. 

The ones who feel things deep and aren't afraid to wear hearts on sleeves. I'm looking for the passion that lives inside small moments -
the soft forehead kisses and the absentminded thumbs stroking held hands
with fingers intertwined -
the stolen glances full of starry eyes
and thoughts of "I can't believe I've found my person, aren't they wonderful?"

Let's forget all the stuffy traditions –
like the myth of only shooting in flattering light
and the mundane weather restrictions.
We can play in puddles.
Roll around in a grassy field.
Frolic through a city.
Run around an abandoned paper mill,
Or maybe even hang out at a parking garage at sunset.
If you’re down, I’m down -
We play by our own rules.

let's have an adventure.


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