a rainy morning at Garnett's


Intros have never been my strong suit - writing doesn’t come naturally to me, and I often find myself struggling to find the perfect combinations of words to try and express my meanings. I’m one of those - “if I can’t do it nearly perfect the first go around, why bother to do it at all??” types, probably because I have a quite huge fear of failure and/or being laughed at. Which at 28 years old seems like something I should’ve left back in my teens, and it might seem odd that writing a blog gives me such anxiety, but truth be told I think more of us wrestle with that same kind of mental block than we choose to let on. All of this to say, Amber, Chad and Cypress don’t need that many words by way of introduction anyways, but a few that stick in my head are: effervescent, grounded, and absolutely bursting at the seams with love.

These two met at Garnett’s in Richmond, and it only seemed fitting to bring their story full circle by taking Cypress to the place it all started - enjoy my favorites from this bright, rainy morning!

Meagan Abell