what are cinemagraphs?

In simplest terms - they’re moving pictures - but not in the typical way you’d think. They’re photographs with subtle, understated movements that play in an infinite loop, capturing the essence of a moment in a slightly different way than still images are able to. It’s almost like constantly re-living those few seconds of time, over and over again.

do you include them in your packages?

yes I do! they're part of my normal session workflow - I'll add one in here or there when inspiration strikes, or if you have any ideas you'd like to toss out, I'm there to catch em!

how can I use my cinemagraphs + gifs?

They're great for wedding websites + websites in general. They add that fun little flair that's like rainbow sprinkles on top of the sundae. plus, you can actually order your gifs as lenticular prints!! check a few out here!